20 novembro 2006

Ferrari Audio System

A Art Engine desenvolveu este fantástico sistema de som exclusivo para a marca Ferrari. Serão produzidas apenas 1000 unidades pelo módico preço de U$ 20.000,00.

Nada mal para quem tem um bólido destes na garagem.

Maiores informações no site do fabricante: ART ENGINE


Attention To Detail

Description: Bi-amplified, stereo audio system with twin integrated line-source loudspeakers, amplifiers, DSP signal management and digital wireless receiver. Eight custom DWV 75mm (3") carbon fiber high-performance mid/woofers and one ScanSpeak custom 28mm (1.1") soft dome tweeter are used in each of the two channels. At 120 cm (47”) tall and 41 cm (16”) wide, the Art.Engine is a floor standing audio system designed to be placed against the wall. Ideal for home and office use to replace a conventional HiFi system.

Primary signal input is wireless streaming of music files or radio via iTunes (free downloadable software) running on any computer (PC or Mac) with wireless functionality. The Art.Engine may also be used with conventional line level sources such as CD players, tuners, iPods and most other portable devices, via RCA input jacks (accessory cables included).

Frequency Response:

40 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 3 dB

200 Hz – 20 kHz +/- 1 dB

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