23 abril 2007

Baby Grand Master™ - The King of Video Instruments


The Blending of High Technology and the Highest Audio/Visual Standards

When you first touch the controls of the Baby Grand Master™, be prepared to experience an entirely new sensation. Unexpected power suddenly fills the room. You immediately notice the rich fullness of the video and sound. The controls respond almost intuitively to your fingers. Designed to take advantage of the latest high technology, the Baby Grand Master™ interface is remarkably intuitive. It's understandable that no video instrument in modern history has ever made itself seen and heard so immediately, or so dramatically.

It began as a challenge: could a new kind of video instrument design eliminate the compromises and complexities in most audio visual devices? Even with sophisticated computer modeling to speed each breakthrough, the process required six years. All designs for the Baby Grand Master™ are unique. Playing the Baby Grand Master™ is proof that technology can indeed be taught to enhance performance, not compromise it.


Features & Specs


•Dual Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD Players

•Edirol V-4 Video Mixer

•3 Marshal LCD Monitors

•Slot loading assembly


•Allen and Heath Xone 92 Audio Mixer

•Dual 15" Subwoofers

•18" Subwoofer

•12" Subwoofer

•3 Bullet Tweeters

•AB 1100 Watt Power Amplifier


•Moog Slip Ring Assembly

•8 Foot Rotating Turntable

•Wall Mount Variable Speed Control


•Ultra reflective white projection surface


Package options

A limited number of Baby Grand Masters™ will be produced, and can be customized to suit the needs of vj's, turntablists, broadway musicals, museums and collectors.

Upgrade packages include:

•Hydraulic legs and lid

•Neon underlighting and running lights

•High gloss lacquer finish in any color

•Fog and laser assembly

•Touring package

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