30 outubro 2007

Chevy Major League Baseball Silverado

PRESS RELEASE: CHEVROLET MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL SILVERADO The only thing missing from this home-run Silverado is the apple pie – because the baseball and Chevrolet are covered. The Silverado 1500 crew cab is decked out in a baseball theme – with a paint scheme that incorporates all major league team logos – to support Chevrolet's ties to Major League Baseball. It is also a fan's dream, with a power-lifting tonneau cover that rises to reveal a wide-screen television monitor that not only brings in the game, but is connected to a Wii gaming console. Inside, the Silverado features real baseball bat ash wood trim and uniquely trimmed leather seats that have the look and feel of a baseball – including the stitching. Vehicle highlights: * Silverado 1500 crew cab * 6.0L V-8 * Multi-color, MLB-inspired paint scheme incorporating all team logos * Power-lift tonneau * Wide-screen TV with Wii gaming console * Bose Surround Sound system * Leather-trimmed interior with baseball stitching, color and feel * Ash wood (baseball bat material) trim GM Accessories features (production and concept): * Chrome mesh grille * Twenty-two-inch chrome wheels * Hard shell tonneau cover * DVD headrest system * Ground effects kit

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