26 junho 2008

RENNtech Mercedes SLR McLaren 722 PKG2

The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren may be on its way out, but that doesn't mean there can't be more horsepower extracted from the supercar. The original had 617hp. Then came the SLR 722, which despite its name had 650 horses underhood. The 722's American importer, RENNtech, addressed the perception gap with its first package, boosting output to an eponymous 722hp. Never satisfied to leave well enough alone, RENNtech has now released its second package for the SLR 722 that further boosts power to 740 thanks to a revised ECU and a freer-flowing exhaust system.

While RENNtech's PKG1 went for a solid $12,900 (come on, what's a lousy $13k on the price of such a supercar?), the new PKG2 costs a heftier $26,990, plus an extra $7,800 for the optional Signature 10-spoke 20-inch rims, which can be had in chrome, satin-ceramic or "sniper gray" finishes. The SLR won't be leaving without a final swan song.

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